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Puppy Training

Class requirements.

A form  will need to be completed by the owners prior to guaranteeing a place to ensure vaccinations are up to date and the history of each dog, to ensure the safety of the class.

There would be space for a maximum 8 participants per class and would run for an hour long out doors.

Course outline:

This is a 6 week puppy training course (up to 12 months in age) that will help you create a strong bond with your puppy, and learn basic commands using positive training methods.

Puppy training is focused on puppy-biting, jumping up, toilet training, recall, loose lead-walking, sit, down, leave, stay and lots of fun activities.

Your puppy will meet lots of new puppy friends and will get plenty of socialisation and training learning to focus on you whilst dealing with distractions.

This course is a perfect introduction to dog training, and will help you on your journey to ensure that your puppy becomes a well-behaved dog.

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