Professional Body Courses

Bee Keeping

Beekeeping for Beginners   Attendees will have to purchase a bee suit as the course will include visiting the Association Apiary in Navan and going through the colony. Attendees will be shown the various constituents of the hive including the brood at its various stages of development, the differences between the Queen, the Drones and the Worker bees and indeed […]

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Puppy Training

Class requirements. A form  will need to be completed by the owners prior to guaranteeing a place to ensure vaccinations are up to date and the history of each dog, to ensure the safety of the class. There would be space for a maximum 8 participants per class and would run for an hour long […]

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Creative Writing

Unleashing Your Writing Potential: Creative Writing, Publishing, and AI Tools Masterclass for beginners. Class 1: Discovering Your Writer’s Voice and Understanding Genre Conventions Introduction and Course Overview Understanding the Importance of Finding Your Unique Voice Exploring Different Writing Styles and Genres Crafting Vivid Settings, Characters, and Plot Understanding Genre Conventions and Reader Expectations Class 2: […]

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SNA Level 5 & Level 6

The Special Needs Assistant course Level 5 (5N1786 )& (5N2356) and Level 6 (6N1957) will be delivered and QQI validated by The College of Progressive Education. SNA Level 5: This QQI Level 5 SNA course is designed to facilitate learners who intend to work with children with special needs in an educational setting. It is […]

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