Professional Body Courses

Creative Writing

Unleashing Your Writing Potential: Creative Writing, Publishing, and AI Tools Masterclass for beginners.

Class 1: Discovering Your Writer’s Voice and Understanding Genre Conventions

Introduction and Course Overview
Understanding the Importance of Finding Your Unique Voice
Exploring Different Writing Styles and Genres
Crafting Vivid Settings, Characters, and Plot
Understanding Genre Conventions and Reader Expectations

Class 2: Mastering the Art of Storytelling and Refining Your Author Voice

Developing Memorable Characters: Backstory, Motivations, and Flaws
Creating Dynamic Relationships and Conflict
Building a Solid Story Structure and Plot Development
Utilizing Imagery, Descriptive Language, and Sensory Details
Refining Your Unique Author Voice and Style

Class 3: Editing, Feedback, and AI Writing Assistants

The Importance of Self-Editing: Techniques and Tips
Identifying and Correcting Common Grammar and Punctuation Errors
Strengthening Sentence Structure and Word Choice
Getting Feedback and Incorporating Constructive Criticism
Exploring the Use of AI Writing Assistants to Aid the Creative Process

Class 4: Navigating the Publishing Journey: Traditional and Self-Publishing

Understanding Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing Options
Preparing a Query Letter, Synopsis, and Author Bio
Researching Literary Agents and Publishing Houses
Exploring Self-Publishing Platforms and Marketing Strategies
Leveraging AI Tools for Book Formatting and Cover Design

Class 5: Marketing Yourself and Your Book in the Digital Age

Building an Author Platform and Engaging with Readers
Creating an Effective Book Marketing Plan
Utilizing Social Media and Online Platforms for Book Promotion
Harnessing the Power of AI Tools for Targeted Advertising and SEO
Strategies for Effective Author Branding and Book Launches
Note: Each class is designed to be an hour and a half long, allowing ample time for instruction, discussions, exercises, Q&A sessions, and hands-on experiences with AI tools. Participants will also be encouraged to complete writing assignments and utilize AI writing assistants to practice the concepts learned, enhance their creative process, and receive personalized feedback during the following session.

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